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 By Pam Burke Humor columnist    Opinion    October 31, 2014 

View from the North 40: For the most part, I had an awesome, Fluffy, childhood

I’m not saying my childhood was any more awesomer than anyone else’s — certainly it had its share of dark points and failures, many of these self-induced — but my childhood had its amazing highlights that others would be hard pressed to...

 Opinion    October 31, 2014 

Letters to the Editor: Lots of good things happen at Rocky Boy

Editor: It seems that nothing good is going on out here in Rocky Boy. But I am here to tell you that is just not true. There are way more good going on out here than there is bad, way more. I have worked out here for 21 years now, and I consider... Full story

 By Sondra Ashton    Opinion    October 30, 2014

Looking Out My Backdoor: Colors for the walls - there's more than white

Every house or apartment I have ever moved into had white rooms. Oh, I just remembered, that’s not totally true. One was shades of putrid pink. Sooner or later, I transformed every wall in every... Full story

 Opinion    October 29, 2014

Letters to the Editor: Blaine County has right in legislation controversy

Editor: I respectfully have to disagree with your dart on Friday, Oct 24, about the Election Day rejection from the Blaine County offices.  I checked with my local clerk and recorder office in Hill County and found out that in Hill County you can... Full story

 Opinion    October 28, 2014

Letters to the Editor: Keep our public lands public

Editor: Our public lands are at risk.! In the United States, we have public access to some of the most splendid lands on earth. If certain political interests — local, state, and national — have their way, you and I will lose our rights to our... Full story

 Opinion    October 27, 2014

Letters to the Editor: Thanks to the community for help with Havre speech, debate and drama meet

Editor: I wanted to thank everyone who helped us at the Havre High School invitational speech, drama and debate tournament Saturday. We can’t put these tournaments on for the students without help from the community, and, again, people from... Full story

 By Pam Burke Humor columnist    Opinion    October 24, 2014

View from the North 40:

Americans, like humans everywhere, love holiday traditions, and a college town in New Hampshire has started a new Halloween tradition to rival any All Hallow’s Eve custom as college students and unwitting townsfolk rioted the Samhain out of the... Full story

 Opinion    October 24, 2014

Our View: Hi-Line darts and laurels

Laurel The Montana educators, at their annual conference, have given Havre Public Schools an award for technology, innovation and infrastructure. The award was one of two such prizes handed out at the conference last week. The award is...

 By Sondra Ashton Local columnist    Opinion    October 23, 2014

Looking Out My Backdoor: Wild women on their holiday - fun galore

My friend Kathy from British Columbia flew in this week. For the next three weeks I will be with Kathy on holiday, staying up the street six blocks from where I have my apartment, at the El Cid Resort. Evelyn from Harlem in New York City will join... Full story

 Opinion    October 22, 2014

Letters to the Editor: Community thanked for its support of MSU-Nothern

Editor: I'd like to thank the Havre Daily News for your front-page coverage of the many important events going on at Montana State University-Northern this past weekend. I was thrilled to see so many community members come out to support us Saturday... Full story

 Opinion    October 20, 2014

Our View: It's time to help out YPR

Many folks in the area go to sleep at night listening to classical music on Yellowstone Public Radio and wake up in the morning listening to the latest state and worldwide news on "Morning Edition." YPR has become a tradition in eastern Montana for... Full story

 Opinion    October 20, 2014

Letters to the Editor: Thanks for help fighting domestic abuse

Editor: Hill County Family Planning and District 4 HRDC Domestic Violence Program would like to thank the numerous businesses, volunteers and participants who made the walk/run event a huge success: Special thank-you to: • Montana State... Full story

 Opinion    October 20, 2014

Letters to the Editor: Havre really does have it

Editor: I just had the honor, along with my Leadership Montana 2015 Cohort, to spend three wonderful days in this amazing part of the world. We all know that Montana is the world's largest small town, and its was an absolute pleasure to be invited... Full story

 By Wendy K. Sullivan    Opinion    October 17, 2014

Community Focus: For the love of football ...

As the football season for our Havre Middle School Mustangs came to an end Saturday, something occurred to me: the rules of the game were compromised. I was warned by our Mustang parents that Lewistown celebrates “I Hate Havre Day,” and I was... Full story

 Opinion    October 17, 2014

Our View: Hi-Line darts and laurels

Laural A group of Havre residents will be putting on a barbecue noon to 4 p.m. Sunday to highlight the bond between Havre and Montana State University-Northern. The campus and the community have a long tradition of cooperation. The two mean a lot to... Full story

 By Pam Burke    Opinion    October 17, 2014

View from the North 40: Connect-the-dots picture

Remember the old connect-the-dots pictures from grade school? Sometimes life-things — like connect-the-dots — don't look like much until you make the connections that form something more...

 Opinion    October 14, 2014

Our View: Eat, play, enjoy yourself, tour, support Northern

There will be an event Sunday that we hope will be well-attended. The community is invited to a special barbecue at Montana State University-Northern. There will be games for kids, as well as balloons. There will be campus tours for all involved.... Full story

 By Pam Burke Humor columnist    Opinion    October 10, 2014

View from the North 40: Just say it, plain and simple

One of the hardest things to do is to say exactly what you mean in a way that people understand exactly what you mean. No one knows that better today than the good-intentioned people at New Jersey’s Moorestown Township Library. They tried to say... Full story

 Opinion    October 10, 2014

Our View: Hi-Line darts and laurels

Laurel Havre firefighters are leading the way in celebrating Fire Prevention Week. Tours of the fire station have been given to visitors and special programs have been held for youngsters. The number of fires and the number of fatal fires has gone wa... Full story

 Opinion    October 10, 2014

Letters to the Editor: People can't afford higher taxes in Havre

Editor: I am writing about the crazy things this mayor is doing to our town. First the water bill rates are raised $5, and then he's going to raise the property taxes. Why didn't he check and see if most of the people can afford it? Most of the... Full story

 Opinion    October 8, 2014

Letters to the Editor: Sale of semi-postal stamps helps breast cancer research

Editor: In October, the Havre Post Office is promoting sales of the Breast Cancer Research semi-postal stamp. The price for a pane of 20 breast cancer research semi-postal stamps is $12 with 20 cents of the purchase sent to provide funds for... Full story

 By Pam Burke    Opinion    October 3, 2014

Lessons on the road to the pickup of my dreams

How does one really come to know oneself, in a deep and meaningful way … asks the shallowest person in the newspaper industry: me. The answer is that to truly come to know oneself, one must go shopp... Full story

 Opinion    October 2, 2014

Looking Out My Backdoor: Fool's gold - it's where I find it

Halfway back from my morning walk, I reached into my pockets, all four pockets. One at a time, naturally. I’d forgotten my keys. The last thing I do when I leave my apartment is turn the lock in the doorknob. In a flash of memory I could see my... Full story

 By Pam Burke    Opinion    September 26, 2014

View from the North 40: When a fish tale is more than a little fishy

Sometimes I feel crazy about my animals, really. Tuesday I spent 45 minutes riding my horse with my dog along for the adventure, then spent one-and-a-half hours cleaning mud and weed seeds off my dog. Why? Because, that was the responsible thing to d... Full story

 By Debbie Vandeberg Executive director    Opinion    September 25, 2014

Many thank-yous to many people for Festival Days work

Events such as Havre Festival Days are a success because so many people join together to make it happen. Without the sponsors, the businesses, community organizations, the community support and the volunteers, Festival Days would look a whole lot... Full story


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