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 By Hope Proctor    Opinion    July 21, 2014

Havre community helps with film project

Being a high school student, you would expect me to enjoy my summer days in blissful laziness, or be working at a surmner job. Quite the opposite; I have been scripting, designing and filming a documentary with the theme illustrating how fashion... Full story

 By Bob Sivertsen    Opinion    July 8, 2014

Montana delegation should work to close southern border

To Sen. Jon Tester, Sen. John Walsh, Rep. Steve Daines: The United States of America, the land of the free, just celebrated its 238th birthday. We, the people, enjoy more freedom than anywhere else in the world. Having said that, though, I have not,... Full story

 By Rick Dow    Opinion    July 2, 2014

Replace Ragnar, maintain political correctness

The owners of the Vikings must face the paternalism and audacity of "White Privilege" that the mascot, Ragnar, projects. In this age of raising awareness and promoting diversity how can the Vikings in good conscious retain Ragnar as their mascot,... Full story

 By Gene Allen    Opinion    June 30, 2014

Community help, love saved her from the morgue

I would like to thank the Havre Fire Department ambulance crew who responded to the emergency call June 1, 2014, at Scotty's Ice Cream. Thank you for your professionalism, expertise and understanding and for not letting me go home. While I chose to... Full story

 Opinion    June 27, 2014

Our View: Hi-Line darts and laurels, June 27

Dart — Judge G. Todd Baugh of Billings ought to try working at McDonald’s during the lunch hour. The judge has his foot in his mouth so often he will soon have athlete’s tongue. This time, he told a defendant who’d pleaded guilty to... Full story

 By Carol J. Ortman    Opinion    June 26, 2014

Supports efforts to make abuses at Northern public

I am writing to thank the Havre Daily News for taking legal action to make public the allegation of human rights abuses at Montana State University-Northern. The taxpayers of Montana fund the public university system, and we have the right to know... Full story

 By Carol J. Ortman    Opinion    June 25, 2014

Supports efforts to make abuses at Northern public

I am writing to thank the Havre Daily News for taking legal action to make public the allegation of human rights abuses at Montana State University-Northern. The taxpayers of Montana fund the public university system, and we have the right to know... Full story

 By Sam Clawson    Opinion    June 18, 2014

Help out at Day of Action - and get fed

On June 21, United Way of Hill County is celebrating its Day of Action. This year volunteers will have an opportunity to help prepare 65,000 meals for those in need in Hill County. We estimate that we will need 200 volunteers in order to accomplish... Full story

 By Bob Nieuwenhuyse    Opinion    June 13, 2014

Elks Lodge encourages citizens to observe Flag Day

Havre Elks Lodge No. 1201 of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks again was very proud and honored to be part of the community Memorial Day service, melding our Flag Day tradition with their Memorial Day service, exemplifying the motto: "One... Full story

 By Debbie Vandeberg    Opinion    May 21, 2014

Havre Pride showed great community spirit

Havre Pride cleanup this past Saturday was the second attempt to hold the activity — as the April date was taken over by Mother Nature and some bad weather. To those who braved the April date ... thank you so very much for your participation. When... Full story

 By Shirley Soutar    Opinion    May 19, 2014

Wallet found, Canadian visitor is happy

While traveling through your town on May 8 from Alberta to Ontario, we stopped to shop at your mall. When I went to pay for my purchases, I realized that I didn't have my wallet. After searching through the parking lot and the car and asking at a... Full story

 By Havre TURF organization    Opinion    May 16, 2014

TURF appreciates support for Arbor Day celebration

The Havre TURF organization would like to thank the USDA Forest Service and the Arbor Day Foundation and congratulate the city of Havre for receiving the Tree City USA Award for the 24th year. We would like to thank all of our sponsors and the... Full story

 By Trina Crawford    Opinion    May 16, 2014

Salvation Army has helped 1,600 - with community help

This week is National Salvation Army Week, and I would like to acknowledge the great staff and volunteers we have here at the Salvation Army in Havre and the great community of Havre.   Through your efforts, we have been successful in helping more... Full story

 By Havre High Close Up Students    Opinion    May 9, 2014

HHS Close Up students appreciate community backing

  Havre High Close Up students would like to send a big thank-you to all of the community members and businesses who helped make our breakfast fundraiser a success April 27. We would like to especially thank Tom and the Eagles Club for letting us... Full story

 By Don Mahlum    Opinion    May 9, 2014

Problems at veterans hospitals are disgusting

I and other local veterans are really disgusted with the reported action by the Department of Veterans Affairs in Arizona where, according to TV reports, the VA has had possibly up to some-40 veterans die awaiting medical treatment at the VA medical... Full story

 By John Snider    Opinion    May 6, 2014

Why do single moms pay taxes, when corporations don't?

Editor: I am writing Clay Christian, Montana commissioner of high education, Paul Tuss, chair of the Board of Regents, and the various university presidents and chancellors at the public universities in our state if they will join me in demanding tha... Full story

 By Jude Mahlum    Opinion    May 6, 2014

Former Gov. Racicot should have stood up for Barry Beach

I am extremely disappointed that Mark Racicot lacked the courage to attend the review of Barry Beach's clemency application, instead, choosing to deliver his message to the board hours later. I was disappointed but not surprised. This is just... Full story

 By Loren Rose    Opinion    April 24, 2014

Kudos to Bullock for offering breath of fresh air

The recently passed Farm Bill provided an opportunity for states to assist the Forest Service in getting much-needed work done on federal land. States had 60 days to designate appropriate lands to the agency. Our governor, Steve Bullock, did a wonder... Full story

 By Britton and Jude Salois    Opinion    April 23, 2014

Stranded travelers appreciate Havre helpfulness

Recently over the Easter weekend, my wife and I traveled to Harlem, Mont., to attend a birthday celebration for her aunt who had just turned 91 years old. We traveled over on Saturday and returned back to Pablo on Sunday, Easter Day — Rose... Full story

 By Ruby Well-Off-Man    Opinion    April 21, 2014

Rocky Boy needs a new generation of leaders

It's a disgrace to hear all about the fraud on the rez. It was a wonderful thing to receive all of that money for the water projects. The tribe has come a very long way. I remember when I/we used to haul water. My brother Duncan was more like my... Full story

 By Mary Owens    Opinion    April 21, 2014

Car seat safety is critical

Many people are wondering what is the law on child passenger seats and where can we get them checked. The Montana law for child passenger seats: Section 1. Section 61-9-420, MCA, is amended to read: "61-9-420. Child safety restraint systems —... Full story

 By Jolene Standing Rock    Opinion    April 18, 2014

Thoughts on Rocky Boy corruption

Our kids have only one hope of escaping fear in their lives. That hope is what I call Teacher, we as a whole community. The symbol of tough love education is: Don’t lean toward excuses, drugs and danger, but to lean toward health and happiness. But... Full story

 By Pegi Rambo    Opinion    April 16, 2014

Benefit programs encourage people not to work

I recently read an article in your paper about increasing the minimum wage. I had to think about how and if this would impact the food stamp problem. This is strictly my opinion, but here goes. A lot of smaller businesses would close. A few of the... Full story

 By Mike Gordon    Opinion    April 16, 2014

Concern over Border Patrol involvement during standoff

I live in a small town in northwestern Montana, close to the Canadian border — 7 miles — and I saw a picture in The Daily Interlake of an incident that happened in Havre Monday, April 7, with a picture of a federal Border Patrol officer holding... Full story

 By Greg Drummer    Opinion    April 15, 2014

Thanks for support for fifth- and sixth-grade basketball

On behalf of the members of our fifth- and sixth-grade travel basketball team — Jace Leeds, Clint Owens, Bradyn Winchell, Josh Warp, Jeremiah Hughes, Quinn Springer, Nolan Lotton, Max Olson and Daniel Bryant — I would like to thank all those who... Full story


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