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 Opinion    March 2, 2015

Our View: Montana should pay its lawmakers higher salaries

Here is a modest proposal: The Montana Legislature ought to give itself a raise. Legislators earn an average of about $10 an hour. Even though they enjoy some good health benefits with the pay, it‘s almost to the point that if Sen. Jonathan Windy... Full story

 Opinion    February 27, 2015

Our View: Hi-Line darts and laurels

Laurel — Jack Johnsrud won the 49th annual Hill County Spelling Bee this week. Havre Middle School should be proud. They say that spelling is out of date with all the spell-check equipment we have these days. That’s not true, and Jack has proven... Full story

 Opinion    February 20, 2015

Our View: Hi-Line darts and laurels

Laurel — Thousands of people are in Havre this week for the District 9-C basketball tournament. Small towns in Montana — and especially the Hi-Line — go crazy over basketball. The tourney is a social event as well as an athletic event. It is t... Full story

 Opinion    February 16, 2015

Our View: Havre city officials face tough decisions ahead

In coming weeks, Havre city officials will be looking at the possibility of a major infrastructure renovation project. It calls for improvements for streets and perhaps sidewalks and stormwater systems. Over the next 20 years, city officials said,... Full story

 Opinion    February 13, 2015

Our View: Hi-Line darts and laurels

Laurel Business woman Renelle Braaten and Montana State University-Northern Interim Chancellor Greg Kegel are among the winners of the Montana Ambassadors award. The two have served the community in different ways, though they share in common that... Full story

 Opinion    February 9, 2015

Our View: Drug testing of the poor will accomplish nothing

People who receive farm supports of any kind. County employees who plow our roads. City workers who keep our water and sewer systems working even on holidays. Contractors who build our state-owned buildings and highways in good shape. People who are... Full story

 Opinion    February 6, 2015

Our View: Hi-Line darts and laurels

Dart — The Montana House’s State Administration Committee tabled a bill that would have allowed people to register to vote online. That would have made it easier for people, especially those in rural areas and those who are disabled, to... Full story

 Opinion    February 5, 2015

Our View: Tribal council has a lot to do for Rocky Boy people

The people of Rocky Boy’s Indian Reservation have undergone a lot of trauma in recent years. Many prominent residents have been charged with embezzlement and other felonies. With their off-reservation cohorts, they are alleged to have plundered mil... Full story

 Opinion    February 3, 2015

Our View: Even in digital age, keep reporter sources confidential

Bravo to the Montana House for its approval of legislation that would further protect reporter sources. The House voted overwhelmingly — and the Judiciary Committee voted unanimously — to ban authorities from subpoenaing reporter notes kept... Full story

 Opinion    January 26, 2015

Our View: Shun politics, help working Montanans get health care

Thousands of Montanans do not have enough money to give themselves proper health care. As a result, they decline preventative health care measures, and they put off doctor visits on minor problems until they get seriously ill. This should not happen... Full story

 Opinion    January 23, 2015

Our View: Hi-Line darts and laurels

Laurel — Hill County officials, headed by County Commissioner Mark Peterson, are fighting to get Helena’s attention on the problem of flooding along Beaver Creek Park. Attack the federal government all you want, but the Federal Emergency... Full story

 Opinion    January 19, 2015

Our View: Ban cellphone use while driving on Montana roads

Despite hysterical fears that it would be the end of freedom and liberty as we know it, not much has changed since the city of Havre banned use of cellphones while driving in the city limits. Except perhaps there have been fewer accidents and near... Full story

 Opinion    January 16, 2015

Our View: Hi-Line darts and laurels

Dart — Some fool thought it would be fun to call a bomb threat into Havre High School Wednesday. The threat caused all kinds of problems to the school district, disrupted the education and activities for students and caused undue alarm to parents.... Full story

 Opinion    January 12, 2015

Our View: Nix on term-limits idea

Sen. Steve Daines, R-Mont., started his Senate career off exactly the wrong way last week when he signed on to the idea of term limits for the U.S. House and Senate. Term limits have been tried and failed in Montana, and we see no reason to extend... Full story

 Opinion    January 9, 2015

Our View: Hi-Line darts and laurels

Dart — Montana prides itself in having a citizens’ government where everyday people make decisions that affect the common good. But for everyday people to be able to make decisions, they have to be trained in some of the complexities of local and... Full story

 Opinion    January 2, 2015

Our View: Hi-Line darts and laurels

Laurel — Welcome to Missouri Valley offensive coordinator Aaron Christensen who will be Montana State University-Northern's head football coach. It's a great football town, coach. And few towns support the local college like we do. Best of luck.... Full story

 Opinion    December 31, 2014

Our View: Thumbs up, thumbs down

As we end 2014, we see so many things that people of Hill County and the Hi-Line have accomplished, and yet, so much that still needs to be done. New Year’s Day is always a good time to take stock of what we have done and what needs to be worked... Full story

 Opinion    December 24, 2014

Our View: Hi-Liners who care

We in the newspaper business often spend our time covering the dark side of society — the fires, arrests and political corruption. But we also spend a lot of time dealing with some really great people. Many are the people who stay in the... Full story

 Opinion    December 22, 2014

Our View: Street, sidewalks repairs badly needed in Havre

Hats off to Havre City Councilwomen Pam Hillery and Terry Lilletvedt for taking up what might be the politically unpopular issue of raising taxes. The two lawmakers want the city to undertake a massive effort to improve the city’s deteriorating inf... Full story

 Opinion    December 19, 2014

Hi-Line darts and laurels

Laurel — There's nothing to do in Havre? Look at the Christmas events that have been held in Havre this week and the upcoming events. Schools, college, reservations, community groups and a lot more are putting on events that are fun for the whole... Full story

 Opinion    December 12, 2014

Our View: Hi-Line darts and laurels

Laurel People from senior citizens to Havre High School Key Club members are ringing the bell at Salvation Army kettles around town. It’s a tough job, standing out in the cold asking for money. But it’s a fun job. Volunteers talk to people,... Full story

 Opinion    December 5, 2014

Our View: Hi-Line darts and laurels

Laurel The Havre-Hill County Library has some great programs for young people. Children in one of the programs, Story Time, stayed late this week and made Christmas cards for soldiers stationed in Liberia. It is sort of a forgotten war these... Full story

 Opinion    November 28, 2014

Our View: Hi-Line darts and laurels

Laurel — Chinook Sugarbeeters worked hard all season, and after a disappointing start to the year, they bounced back to make it to the state finals in Class C 8-man football. They tried very hard to win, but it was not to be this time. But they... Full story

 Opinion    November 26, 2014

Our View:Hi-Line has a lot to be thankful for

While we each individually look at what we should be thankful for in our lives, it might be nice at this time of the year to look at what we are thankful for and what inspires us in the public life of our community. Lots of Hi-Line people have... Full story

 Opinion    November 21, 2014

Our View: Hi-Line darts and laurels

Laurel — The American Society of Civil Engineers did a study of Montana’s infrastructure. It came to the obvious conclusion. the state of Montana’s roads and public infrastructure is pretty sad. We suspect if they did a detailed study of the... Full story


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