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 By Pam Burke    Opinion    July 25, 2014

As American as ketchup pie

Nothing says Americana quite like the Midwestern heartland and good ol’ American ketchup, and nothing says America’s heartland needs you more now than ever than a 170-foot-tall ketchup bottle going on the auction block in a little city called... Full story

 By Sondra Ashton    Opinion    July 24, 2014

Weathering wear for the worst

I’m freezing. I’ve been shivering since landing at Sky Harbor in Phoenix last Wednesday. Phoenix is even hotter than Mazatlan. This being summertime, I didn’t expect frigid air in Phoenix. I... Full story

 By Pam Burke    Opinion    July 18, 2014

Too real for action reels

Maybe I watch too many movies and I’ve become jaded, bored by the action movie formula, but thoughts of reality keep intruding on my action/adventure cinema experience. In a scene where thieves break into a downtown office to steal solid gold bars... Full story

 By Pam Burke    Opinion    July 11, 2014

The devil is in the details

I am willing to entertain the idea that the devil is real and he is working in the manufacturing business as a design concepts innovation engineer. Yes, I just made up that job title, but with the devil on the loose, literally making mischief, I thin... Full story

 By Sondra Ashton    Opinion    July 10, 2014

Dear Chamber, do I have a great idea for you

My friend David died last year. Ah, I miss him. But now and then I channel David. His wife, Vidya, insists David channeled P.T. Barnum. David was an idea man. He was always coming up with a good idea... Full story

 By Pam Burke    Opinion    July 3, 2014

To err is human, to forgive needless

Today we celebrate the colossal public error and the people whose job or hobby puts them in line of public scrutiny. I live your pain. Today we celebrate the 1-minute parking sign in Brentwood, California. Yes, it’s a one-hour parking area, but... Full story

 By Sondra Ashton    Opinion    July 3, 2014

Once upon a mattress

I always knew I was a princess. Not any old run-of-the-mill princess, mind you, but a fairy tale princess. Not just any fairy tale princess, mind you, but a princess like the one from “The Princess... Full story

 Opinion    July 3, 2014

Patriotism and climate change

With the arrival of Independence Day, veterans like us often reflect on what patriotism means in terms of the responsibilities we American citizens have. One responsibility we all have is environmental stewardship. As we celebrate our nation’s inde... Full story

 By John Kelleher    Opinion    June 30, 2014

We truly must be One Montana

A friend in Glasgow tells us somebody he knows has a son “moved away.” He went to Williston, North Dakota. Not that far away actually. His daughter, though, “stayed at home.” She moved to Missoula. Farther away, but, most important, still in... Full story

 By Pam Burke    Opinion    June 27, 2014

The Airhead DNA Theory

Sometimes I wish I’d taken drugs in my youth — not that I’m advocating that behavior as a lifestyle, but it just seems like such a white-bread cliché to blame my chronic airheadedness on being a natural blonde. And I’ve met my parents,... Full story

 By John Kelleher    Opinion    June 23, 2014

Public has right to know the story

During the last two weeks, the story of an alleged sexual harassment at Montana State University-Northern was brought out in public. The general outline of what happened at Northern is not a surprise. Rumors of the incidents have been spreading in th... Full story

 By Pam Burke    Opinion    June 20, 2014

Well, no one burned at the stake

The next time I get to whining about how my government is like my mother — always saying no, can’t don’t — I’m going to have to remind myself that at least I don’t live in Swaziland where they just passed laws regulating fictional... Full story

 By Pam Burke    Opinion    June 13, 2014

The root of the gender role debate

While the flying cotton from the wealth of blooming cottonwood trees is amping up the sinus problems of area allergy sufferers, it also sparked debate in my household. For those who don’t know, cottonwood trees come in two types: chicks and guys.... Full story

 By Evan Barrett    Opinion    June 11, 2014

It's time to fix the student loan mess

If, as the congressional tea party says, taking money via taxes from wealthy corporations and individuals is bad for the economy, then why is it not equally bad or even worse for our economy to be extracting unnecessary money from virtually all... Full story

 Opinion    June 10, 2014

Our View: The tough job of monitoring elections

The Montana Commissioner of Political Practices is one of the most important offices in state government, though it has a tiny staff and a slim budget. It is the job of the office to monitor elections in the state, making sure that candidates know of... Full story

 By Pam Burke    Opinion    June 6, 2014

Rowe vs. Elliott: hottie cage match

Part 2 of 2 We begin where we began last time: with naked Mike Rowe on the Internet. We move on to where we ended last time: with naked Sam Elliott on the Internet. We see, now, clearly there’s a pattern to my thinking, there’s also a purpose: Wh... Full story

 By Pam Burke    Opinion    May 30, 2014

Philosophy of naked Mike Rowe

Part 1 of 2. I saw Mike Rowe naked. Not in person, of course, like with my eyes reaching out and touching his bare-naked skin — because he’s Mike Rowe, “Dirty Jobs,” “Deadliest Catch,” “I got me a resonant, opera-trained voice that I... Full story

 By Sondra Ashton    Opinion    May 29, 2014

Leaping lizards and gripping geckos

Lizards startle me. Back in the long-ago days when I rode horseback to check cows, now and then I'd see a flash of movement when a lizard sunning itself on a rock was equally startled by me. My mouth... Full story

 By Pam Burke    Opinion    May 23, 2014

It's a mindset thing

I have outdone myself this week and turned from being simply old to being old-old. Birthdays come and go and we get older with more or less grace and certainly without any effort on our part because aging is just a byproduct of breathing. We have an... Full story

 By Debby Barrett    Opinion    May 19, 2014

Montana bill drafting D.C. style

Americans overwhelmingly disapprove of Obamacare. Montanans rejected Obamacare’s individual mandate at the ballot box by a 2-to-1 vote. It is not hard to understand why. Obamacare was crafted behind closed doors by special interest lobbyists —... Full story

 By Kirk Bushman    Opinion    May 19, 2014

Exports help Montana energy producers

Last year America produced 84 percent of the energy we consumed, the highest level since 1987. Our net energy imports — measured in terms of energy content — are at a 26-year low.  The speed with which our energy imports have been diminishing... Full story

 By Pam Burke    Opinion    May 16, 2014

Internet: philosophy conductor

The Internet is the biggest thing to happen to mankind since the wheel — and some of us use it just to watch funny videos on Youtube. I know, if I lived in those prehistoric times when the wheel was new, I would’ve thought it was cool just... Full story

 By John Kelleher    Opinion    May 16, 2014

Remembering our fallen officers

Reporters who have covered the death of a police officer on duty come to realize very quickly that the loss affects the whole community. I've covered three: • An undercover state police officer was killed by big-time drug dealers who feared they... Full story

 By Pam Burke    Opinion    May 9, 2014

Pamville News: Deterring crime 101

In an era when untold amounts of tax dollars are spent on steering kids away from a life of crime — both before and after the criminal behavior has begun — through education programs and activities or young kids, teens and parents, Nebraska... Full story

 By Pam Burke    Opinion    May 2, 2014

If it comes back to you, it's yours

In the late ’70s — when disco was first showing signs of dying a merciful death and my puberty was still lying dormant beyond its expected arrival — author and avid pilot Richard Bach wrote this popular bit of wisdom: “If you love someone,... Full story


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