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 By Hope Proctor    Opinion    July 21, 2014

Havre community helps with film project

Being a high school student, you would expect me to enjoy my summer days in blissful laziness, or be working at a surmner job. Quite the opposite; I have been scripting, designing and filming a documentary with the theme illustrating how fashion... Full story

 By Pam Burke    Opinion    July 18, 2014

Too real for action reels

Maybe I watch too many movies and I’ve become jaded, bored by the action movie formula, but thoughts of reality keep intruding on my action/adventure cinema experience. In a scene where thieves break into a downtown office to steal solid gold bars... Full story

 Opinion    July 18, 2014

Our View: Hi-Line darts and laurels, June 18, 2014

It’s Fair Week, and everyone is in a good mood, so let’s stick to laurels. Laurel — The Montana Supreme Court has ruled what we thought was obvious. If you want to claim that you shot somebody in self-defense, you have to actually claim it.... Full story

 By Pam Burke    Opinion    July 11, 2014

The devil is in the details

I am willing to entertain the idea that the devil is real and he is working in the manufacturing business as a design concepts innovation engineer. Yes, I just made up that job title, but with the devil on the loose, literally making mischief, I thin... Full story

 Opinion    July 11, 2014

Our View: Hi-Line darts and laurels, July 11, 2014

Dart — The idea of the state taking control of federal land in Montana is, unfortunately, taking hold in some quarters. Montana’s federal lands are national treasures that are enjoyed by people around the country. The people of the United States... Full story

 By Sondra Ashton    Opinion    July 10, 2014

Dear Chamber, do I have a great idea for you

My friend David died last year. Ah, I miss him. But now and then I channel David. His wife, Vidya, insists David channeled P.T. Barnum. David was an idea man. He was always coming up with a good idea... Full story

 By Bob Sivertsen    Opinion    July 8, 2014

Montana delegation should work to close southern border

To Sen. Jon Tester, Sen. John Walsh, Rep. Steve Daines: The United States of America, the land of the free, just celebrated its 238th birthday. We, the people, enjoy more freedom than anywhere else in the world. Having said that, though, I have not,... Full story

 By Pam Burke    Opinion    July 3, 2014

To err is human, to forgive needless

Today we celebrate the colossal public error and the people whose job or hobby puts them in line of public scrutiny. I live your pain. Today we celebrate the 1-minute parking sign in Brentwood, California. Yes, it’s a one-hour parking area, but... Full story

 By Sondra Ashton    Opinion    July 3, 2014

Once upon a mattress

I always knew I was a princess. Not any old run-of-the-mill princess, mind you, but a fairy tale princess. Not just any fairy tale princess, mind you, but a princess like the one from “The Princess... Full story

 Opinion    July 3, 2014

Patriotism and climate change

With the arrival of Independence Day, veterans like us often reflect on what patriotism means in terms of the responsibilities we American citizens have. One responsibility we all have is environmental stewardship. As we celebrate our nation’s inde... Full story

 Opinion    July 3, 2014

Our View: Hi-Line darts and laurels, July 3, 2014

Laurel — Community groups always unite to present entertaining programs for the community. Nothing highlights that fact more than this weekend. The Havre Jaycees will put on their annual Independence Day fireworks display Friday night. During the... Full story

 By Rick Dow    Opinion    July 2, 2014

Replace Ragnar, maintain political correctness

The owners of the Vikings must face the paternalism and audacity of "White Privilege" that the mascot, Ragnar, projects. In this age of raising awareness and promoting diversity how can the Vikings in good conscious retain Ragnar as their mascot,... Full story

 Opinion    June 30, 2014

Our View: Meanwhile, lots of work is being done at Rocky Boy

Another person has been convicted in the widening scandal at Rocky Boy’s Indian Reservation. And two more Rocky Boy public officials have been charged with felonies. The scandal has taken its toll on morale at the reservation. Many people are... Full story

 By John Kelleher    Opinion    June 30, 2014

We truly must be One Montana

A friend in Glasgow tells us somebody he knows has a son “moved away.” He went to Williston, North Dakota. Not that far away actually. His daughter, though, “stayed at home.” She moved to Missoula. Farther away, but, most important, still in... Full story

 By Gene Allen    Opinion    June 30, 2014

Community help, love saved her from the morgue

I would like to thank the Havre Fire Department ambulance crew who responded to the emergency call June 1, 2014, at Scotty's Ice Cream. Thank you for your professionalism, expertise and understanding and for not letting me go home. While I chose to... Full story

 By Pam Burke    Opinion    June 27, 2014

The Airhead DNA Theory

Sometimes I wish I’d taken drugs in my youth — not that I’m advocating that behavior as a lifestyle, but it just seems like such a white-bread cliché to blame my chronic airheadedness on being a natural blonde. And I’ve met my parents,... Full story

 Opinion    June 27, 2014

Our View: Hi-Line darts and laurels, June 27

Dart — Judge G. Todd Baugh of Billings ought to try working at McDonald’s during the lunch hour. The judge has his foot in his mouth so often he will soon have athlete’s tongue. This time, he told a defendant who’d pleaded guilty to... Full story

 By Carol J. Ortman    Opinion    June 26, 2014

Supports efforts to make abuses at Northern public

I am writing to thank the Havre Daily News for taking legal action to make public the allegation of human rights abuses at Montana State University-Northern. The taxpayers of Montana fund the public university system, and we have the right to know... Full story

 By Carol J. Ortman    Opinion    June 25, 2014

Supports efforts to make abuses at Northern public

I am writing to thank the Havre Daily News for taking legal action to make public the allegation of human rights abuses at Montana State University-Northern. The taxpayers of Montana fund the public university system, and we have the right to know... Full story

 Opinion    June 23, 2014

Our View: State's deal with Charter is a win for taxpayers

The people of Montana were the winners in an out-of-court settlement announced last week that let Charter Communications keep $9 million of the $34 million the state says it is owed. Going forth, Charter will pay a tax rate of 6 percent that the... Full story

 By John Kelleher    Opinion    June 23, 2014

Public has right to know the story

During the last two weeks, the story of an alleged sexual harassment at Montana State University-Northern was brought out in public. The general outline of what happened at Northern is not a surprise. Rumors of the incidents have been spreading in th... Full story

 Opinion    June 20, 2014

Our View: Hi-Line darts and laurels, June 30, 2014

Laurel — The United Way of Hill County will hold its Day of Action Saturday. At noon and again at 2 p.m., they are asking volunteers to come to Van Orsdel United Methodist Church to help package food — macaroni and cheese and beans and rice —... Full story

 By Pam Burke    Opinion    June 20, 2014

Well, no one burned at the stake

The next time I get to whining about how my government is like my mother — always saying no, can’t don’t — I’m going to have to remind myself that at least I don’t live in Swaziland where they just passed laws regulating fictional... Full story

 By Sam Clawson    Opinion    June 18, 2014

Help out at Day of Action - and get fed

On June 21, United Way of Hill County is celebrating its Day of Action. This year volunteers will have an opportunity to help prepare 65,000 meals for those in need in Hill County. We estimate that we will need 200 volunteers in order to accomplish... Full story

 By Pam Burke    Opinion    June 13, 2014

The root of the gender role debate

While the flying cotton from the wealth of blooming cottonwood trees is amping up the sinus problems of area allergy sufferers, it also sparked debate in my household. For those who don’t know, cottonwood trees come in two types: chicks and guys.... Full story


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