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 By Pam Burke    Opinion    September 12, 2014

View from the North 40: When tragedy stalks my house

One of the greatest tragedies to an enlightened mankind, which, as a group, develops a strong sense of attachment, is dealing with loss. This can be loss of loved ones or co-workers, loss of a home or... Full story

 By Pam Burke    Opinion    September 5, 2014

View from the North 40: The Gods of Irony love horses

The Gods of Irony have their own random agenda, and they rarely interact, intervene or interfere on purpose with a human - unless of course, that human has horses, then they're fair game. Horses are... Full story

 By Pam Burke    Opinion    August 22, 2014

Can't we at least be frenemies

War doesn’t do as much for humanity as it used to. We’re all so angry and ill-tempered it’s tiresome. Where's the unity? After World War I and its exciting sequel World War II, the war... Full story

 By Pam Burke    Local    August 20, 2014

Benefit set for ALS patient

While the “Ice Bucket Challenge” is sweeping the Internet’s social media and bringing awareness of, and funding to, the national ALS Association, people on the Hi-Line have a chance this...

 By Pam Burke    Opinion    August 8, 2014

Ideal vs. real: Cage match

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, or what we call just another day here in Pamville. What I intend to do when the Internet goes down: read a book, get ahead on writing assignments. What... Full story

 By Pam Burke    Local    August 5, 2014

New activities at Relay for Life

Havre's annual Relay for Life, set for Friday evening through Saturday morning, will provide a mix of familiar and new activities for everyone participating in the walk which helps raise awareness of...

 By Pam Burke    Local    August 1, 2014

The Havre Rifle and Pistol Club

The world of shooting sports covers a wide array of firearms, disciplines and passions, but twice a week shooters looking for a morning of friendly competition, camaraderie and, of course, tests of... Full story

 By Pam Burke    Opinion    August 1, 2014

Yes, that is so super cool

We’ve all met those people, those cool people who are so super cool that they don’t even know that they’re cool or that you are a changed person just by having met them. Should you ever have... Full story

 By Pam Burke    Local    July 25, 2014

Chippewa Cree Rodeo to conduct school

The Chippewa Cree Rodeo Association, with the sponsorship of Washington Redskins Original Americans Foundation, is conducting three days of rodeo schools at the Sybil Sangrey-Colliflower Memorial...

 By Pam Burke    Opinion    July 25, 2014

As American as ketchup pie

Nothing says Americana quite like the Midwestern heartland and good ol’ American ketchup, and nothing says America’s heartland needs you more now than ever than a 170-foot-tall ketchup bottle... Full story

 By Pam Burke    Opinion    July 18, 2014

Too real for action reels

Maybe I watch too many movies and I’ve become jaded, bored by the action movie formula, but thoughts of reality keep intruding on my action/adventure cinema experience. In a scene where thieves... Full story

 By Pam Burke    Opinion    July 11, 2014

The devil is in the details

I am willing to entertain the idea that the devil is real and he is working in the manufacturing business as a design concepts innovation engineer. Yes, I just made up that job title, but with the dev... Full story

 By Pam Burke    Opinion    July 3, 2014

To err is human, to forgive needless

Today we celebrate the colossal public error and the people whose job or hobby puts them in line of public scrutiny. I live your pain. Today we celebrate the 1-minute parking sign in Brentwood,... Full story

 By Pam Burke    Opinion    June 27, 2014

The Airhead DNA Theory

Sometimes I wish I’d taken drugs in my youth — not that I’m advocating that behavior as a lifestyle, but it just seems like such a white-bread cliché to blame my chronic airheadedness on being... Full story

 By Pam Burke    Local    June 27, 2014

History takes flight

CUTBANK - People who have flown, whether as passenger or pilot, commonly comment at some point about one's change in perspective inspired by flight. They no longer look in the same way at the... Full story

 By Pam Burke    Opinion    June 20, 2014

Well, no one burned at the stake

The next time I get to whining about how my government is like my mother — always saying no, can’t don’t — I’m going to have to remind myself that at least I don’t live in Swaziland where... Full story

 By Pam Burke    Opinion    June 13, 2014

The root of the gender role debate

While the flying cotton from the wealth of blooming cottonwood trees is amping up the sinus problems of area allergy sufferers, it also sparked debate in my household. For those who don’t know,... Full story

 By Pam Burke    Local    June 12, 2014

Classic cars return to Hi-Line

28th Annual Bear Paw Rod Run is hosting a fleet of show cars in Havre this weekend. Put on by the Hi-Line Cruz'n Association, the Rod Run annually brings in car enthusiasts and from all over Montana... Full story

 By Pam Burke    Local    June 6, 2014

The life of a highway flagger

There are two seasons in Montana, winter and road construction, or so the old joke says. While construction crews toil away with all manner of heavy equipment on the inside of a construction project...

 By Pam Burke    Opinion    June 6, 2014

Rowe vs. Elliott: hottie cage match

Part 2 of 2 We begin where we began last time: with naked Mike Rowe on the Internet. We move on to where we ended last time: with naked Sam Elliott on the Internet. We see, now, clearly there’s a pa... Full story

 By Pam Burke    Local    June 5, 2014

Benefit will help woman who helped others

Kathy Leeds has spent a large part of her life working to help others and, Saturday at the Eagles Club, the community has a chance to give back to her to help raise funds for her recent medical... Full story

 By Pam Burke    Opinion    May 30, 2014

Philosophy of naked Mike Rowe

Part 1 of 2. I saw Mike Rowe naked. Not in person, of course, like with my eyes reaching out and touching his bare-naked skin — because he’s Mike Rowe, “Dirty Jobs,” “Deadliest Catch,”... Full story

 By Pam Burke    Opinion    May 23, 2014

It's a mindset thing

I have outdone myself this week and turned from being simply old to being old-old. Birthdays come and go and we get older with more or less grace and certainly without any effort on our part because... Full story

 By Pam Burke    Local    May 21, 2014

Poker run to benefit Wounded Warriors

Motorcyclists, and road trip enthusiasts in general, have an opportunity to cruise north-central Montana roads, win prizes and help out a good cause this weekend in the area's first poker run of the...

 By Pam Burke    Opinion    May 16, 2014

Internet: philosophy conductor

The Internet is the biggest thing to happen to mankind since the wheel — and some of us use it just to watch funny videos on Youtube. I know, if I lived in those prehistoric times when the wheel... Full story


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